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Born and raised in China, Nan attended a local college. She also studied the art of karate and practiced martial arts mobilization for 13 years.

She became a massage therapist because she likes to help others and enjoys being able to relax & rejuvenate her clients. Having her clientele attain a higher level of health by reducing their tensions, aches & pains is the daily goal. Seeing returning customers is always a good gauge that her techniques work!


Reduces pain & muscle soreness.

Improves circulation, energy & alertness

Lowers heart rate & blood pressure.

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Ashiatsu means foot pressure, as apposed to shiatsu that means finger pressure.  Elite Massage has specially equipped rooms for this therapy with bars attached to the ceiling to assist the therapist’s balance.

Massage therapist Nan, is especially good at stepping massage – applying pressure to the 12 Meridians to relax stiff muscles, especially the muscle pain caused by poor blood flow. This can alleviate the muscle stiffness caused by sciatic neuropathic pain. All can be released by stepping on the back with a back walking massage.

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